Ancient Near East Seal Collection


Late Uruk-Jemdet Nasr Cylinder Seals: A Window into Ancient Near Eastern Economic Practices and Activities
Antonietta Catanzariti

Ancient Near Eastern seals offer a window into the economic practices of the ancient world. The Late Uruk-Jemdet Nasr seals display some of the earliest forms of economic activities in the ancient Near East from the end of the fourth…

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Sasanian Seals and Bullae at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Touraj Daryaee & Kiarash Gholami

Stratified context at the site of Sharafabad on the Iranian plateau dates the first attestations of the use of cylinder seals for sealings to the fourth millennium BCE, which is coterminous with their use in Mesopotamia…

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Late Bronze Age Cylinder Seals on the Island of Cyprus
Marian H. Feldman

The Late Bronze Age is a general designation for the time period from around 1600 to 1200 BCE across the eastern Mediterranean and the Near East. It covers multiple cultures and geographic regions, including…

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Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal Inscriptions
Terri Tanaka

Ancient Near Eastern seals are best known for their wide iconographic repertoire, from geometric designs to animals to human figures to scenes. However, on occasion, the seals…

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