Ceramics in Mainland Southeast Asia

Preparing a firing of earthenware water pots. The dried pots are arranged on a bed of bamboo and will be covered with rice straw. Both materials serve as fuel in the quick firing, which may last no more than thirty minutes. Ban Wang Thua, Khon Kaen province, Northeast Thailand, 1994. Photograph by Louise Allison Cort.

Bibliography – Scientific dating of kiln sites and objects


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Radiocarbon (C14) analysis


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C14 analysis of charcoal from the firing chamber in the Phayagyi kiln site showed the following datings (kiln ceiling collapsed in midst of firing):

A.D. 1525 (within 1519–1534 including error) with probability 17.1%
A. D. 1559 (1537-1595) with 65.8%
A. D. 1630 (1621-1637) with 17.1%

Indicates final firing of kiln circa 1519-1637, most likely 1559.