Ceramics in Mainland Southeast Asia

At the peak of a typically short but fierce firing of earthenware water pots, the covering of rice straw over the pots blazes up, while the watchful potter sweeps scattered straw into the pile. Ban Wang Thua, Khon Kaen province, Northeast Thailand, 1994. Photograph by Louise Allison Cort.

Notes for using the Bibliography on Historical Ceramics in Southeast Asia

The content of this bibliography, reflecting the Freer and Sackler collections of ceramics in Mainland Southeast Asia, focuses on historical ceramics (including Chinese) in Mainland Southeast Asia and distributions of ceramics via trade from that region. Selected citations relating to prehistoric and protohistoric ceramics appear for types of wares represented in the collections. For a full bibliography of early wares, visit the Southeast Asian Archaeology Bibliographic Database.

The bibliographic style employed here is drawn from the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition, with some changes to incorporate additional information.

Citations are drawn from eight linguistic backgrounds: Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, and English. Thai, Chinese, and Japanese citations have been romanized. English translations for all texts have been provided. Translations contained within parentheses were provided by the publishers; those within brackets were done for the purpose of this bibliography.

The bibliography also employs diacritical marks. In the case of Thai citations, the General Bibliography emulates the transliteration system put forth by the University of Michigan and Library of Congress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that Thai sources appear as a combination of letters and symbols, the Web-browser settings on the user's computer must be changed. Simply click on the View icon at the top of the browser, find the Encoding or Character Encoding tab, and change the setting to Unicode (UTF-8).

Authors' names are alphabetized according to the name order of the vernacular used in the publication. Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese authors' names appear as ‘last name first name'; Thai and Burmese authors' names appear as ‘first name last name'; Western and Indonesian authors' names appear as ‘last name, first name'. A Japanese author published in a Western journal, for example, will usually have his name listed in the Western fashion.

Because some authors' names appear in publications under variant spellings, one common spelling shall be used as a primary name, followed by the published variant in parentheses.

Every effort is being made to make the bibliography complete and to keep it updated as new scholarship is produced and old scholarship is uncovered.

Bibliography compiled by George Ashley Williams IV and Louise Allison Cort. Special recognition goes to Hiram W. Woodward, Nora A. Taylor, Philippe Truong, and Shu Yue for their assistance in transliterating Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese citations, respectively. In addition, special thanks goes to John Stewart for his assistance in using Unicode fonts to translate Thai romanized diacriticals into Web-text.