Freer and Sackler Collection

Charles Lang Freer and His Collection of Neolithic Liangzhu 良渚 Culture Jades
J. Keith Wilson

Beginning more than a century ago, the construction of railways and factories across China resulted in the chance discovery of ancient tombs. This was particularly true around the rapidly growing industrial centers of Shanghai 上海, Hangzhou 杭州, and Nanjing 南京…

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Methods Used for Jade Studies in the Department of Scientific Research
Blythe E. McCarthy and Janet G. Douglas

Over the years, a variety of methods have been used to study stone materials belonging to a class loosely termed “jade.” Jade is a complex material, and much of its study at the Freer and Sackler has been aimed at an understanding of its visual appearance and physical characteristics such as mineral composition, color, translucency, and surface alteration.…

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良渚文化发现八十周年: 1936-2016 (Eighty Years of Liangzhu Discovery, 1936–2016)
Liu Bin


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Also see these articles by Liu Bin in English on other topics about Liangzhu culture.
Liu Bin, “Discovery and Preliminary Study to the Liangzhu Culture” (PDF)
Searching for a Lost Civilization: New Findings from the Liangzhu Archaic City

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