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You can explore this online catalogue using a variety of tools and approaches. Discover content with the faceted search tool or type in a common keyword. Inside each individual object page, view highlighted curatorial and scientific content in three separate subpages: Curatorial Analysis, Scientific Imaging, and Technical Analysis. On these pages, you can peruse curatorial records, archival materials, and more information for each object.

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This map links objects to the specific locations where Whistler painted them.


Previous owners of Whistler watercolors now in the Freer collection, as well as links to the pieces they owned, are featured here.


Read new, object-based perspectives on Whistler’s watercolors by a group of emerging American art scholars, who participated in an intensive four-day study of Whistler’s watercolors.


Watch interviews, lectures, and short documentaries featuring collection curators, American and British art specialists, watercolor artists, and science and conservation specialists.


Peruse archival exhibition catalogues from the three pivotal exhibitions where Whistler displayed his watercolors in London and New York in the 1880s.


Links to outside institutions with a robust online presence for Whistler studies.

Download Images

Feel free to download high-resolution images for non-commercial use only. Review the rights statement and terms of use at the end of each object entry before you click on Save this image. Credit all images with “Courtesy of Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.”

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